It is truly a joy to work with so many homeowners and see all their different visions come to life. This complete remodel was no exception.

The original galley style kitchen had an undersized and rarely-used breakfast nook under the corner window. We talked about it prior to the remodel and agreed this was space that could be far better used and accordingly removed it. We also removed the wall that separated the kitchen and dining room, which gave us many more options to work with.

First, the owners wanted a largely contemporary feel to their new kitchen, hence the all new, custom-built white cabinets we used extensively. To keep the feel a bit warmer, we used alder wood for the cabinets around the fridge and for all the highlights, including all the trim.

With the nook removed, we relocated the sink to the corner to better enjoy the view and to make better use of the new space. We located the dishwasher to one side of the sink and the trash receptacle to the other side, making clean up a much more efficient process without so many steps being taken around the kitchen.

Note how the custom granite counter is shaped to allow closer access to the sink and the shelf below the window. The original windows were also replaced with bigger openings to allow more light into the smaller space.

There’s an entry door near one end of the kitchen. We added some apothecary drawers just under the upper cabinets to eliminate the “junk drawer” so many kitchens seem to end up with after a while. There’s a drawer here for each of the four occupants of the home for each to use as they desire. This also allows each person to keep their drawer as clean or messy as they like without interfering with the other occupants.

The spice cabinet was particularly fun to design for this space. The rack itself tucks neatly inside, then pulls out to spin a full 360 degrees, making superb use of the corner cabinet and providing easy access to all the spices.

We have enough options for appliance garages that we prefer to call them condos. This particular example is one of our smaller units that neatly hides and protects all the assorted countertop appliances, while also keeping the counters tidy.

With the opened wall to the dining room, we were able to add significantly more cabinet space. For the row of cabinets over the bar we added glass faces on both sides of the cabinets to allow more light to pass through (providing a much more open feeling). Then we also added lights inside the cabinets to help highlight family heirlooms.

Overall this was a delightful project that made far better use of the original space and allowed the homeowners much more room for entertaining family and friend.