We live in a world that constantly looks for an easier, faster solution. We find it in everything from fast food to the cars we drive to how we communicate and work.

So much of it gets boiled down to the most basic systems and removes our need to think, or the chance to insert our own creativity as it all gets bundled into neat, tidy boxes to be found on a menu or in a catalog.

It’s not necessarily all bad. There are many wonderful advancements and conveniences that really do improve the quality of our lives. But where’s the chance to really express ourselves? How can we be individuals when we’re all wearing the same clothes, eating the same pre-packaged meals day after day, or even creating our home spaces with the exact same materials everyone else is supposed to use?

Perhaps we’re just a bit rebellious and like to buck the trends. Maybe we get antsy at the idea of buying cabinets from the local big box store (see what we did there?) and trying to fit them to a space they weren’t really designed for. Sure, it works, but where’s the passion? Where is the creativity? If the kitchen is the literal heart of the home, where all who enter are nourished and fed, why would you ever settle for less than the perfect solution?

We think differently around here. We’re artists at heart and for more than 31 years have been exploring our own passion for carpentry and woodworking. We’d much rather take the time to get to know you, find out what makes you tick and really dive into the space you want to remodel.

From rustic and craftsman to sleek and contemporary, let’s get a totally clean sheet of paper and explore the endless possibilities until we find the solution that matches exactly who you are and what you want kind of statement you want to make with your brand new kitchen.

It won’t “just” be a kitchen anymore. It will be an entirely new environment, scratch built from floor to ceiling.

Everyone who visits your new space will feel the literal expression of your heart and soul.

Because it is an extension of you.

Contact us today, and let’s create your perfect space together.