How many of us really understand the meaning of “reciprocity?” Or perhaps the expression “what goes around, comes around” sounds familiar. We could get the dictionary out, but let’s talk about a practical application of what it means to take care of each other.

Do you remember being taught the “Golden Rule” in grade school? Let’s define it simply as treating others the way you’d like to be treated. It’s not a new concept and hopefully one everyone can relate to. It’s also what we at Serenity Design most keep in mind as we seek to improve how we serve our customers. 

Now a remodeled kitchen can be a fantastic upgrade to a home, but who actually enjoys the experience of going through the remodel?

The mess, the inconvenience, the time, the noise… Gaaaah!

So how can we make it a pleasant experience?

A quick story before answering that…

A couple years ago a bad storm came through and dropped a large branch on one of my vehicles. It broke the windshield and a side window, and also put a big dent in the roof.

The best part, I had just taken it off of full insurance coverage the week before. (Yeah… I know.)

Knowing the repairs would be coming out of my pocket, I decided to just replace the glass and use it as a work vehicle. So, I got a bunch of estimates and settled on the lowest bid.

When I got to the shop they asked me if I needed something to drive while the repairs were being made. Absolutely.

And get this… The loaner car they gave me was a Cadillac!

Later that day, Steve from the shop called and said he could get a used side window for half the cost of a new one, and would I mind another day to get it shipped in. That’s easy math, and I was driving a Cadillac, so of course I waited the extra day.

When I went to pick up the car that not only did they do the glass replacement I found they had also, for free, pounded out the large dent in the roof and vacuumed the entire interior. Talk about going above and beyond!

Although the low price he offered helped, it was the extraordinary experience he provided, and now Steve at Progressive Collision is the ONLY guy I suggest to anyone in need of similar services.

Now to be clear, we definitely don’t do car window replacements. Nor do we have a Cadillac we can loan you.

But we do understand the inconvenience that comes with remodeling and have spent the last 31 years figuring out how to make it the best possible experience for our clients. And yes, we keep our prices competitive, too.

We strive to put ourselves in your shoes at every possible turn, and we’ve boiled down our culture to these five basic rules:

  1. Provide a clear picture of what the customer is getting, completely customized to their needs.
  2. Get the job done quickly, and more importantly, accurately.
  3. Nobody likes surprises: provide complete transparency and address all concerns immediately.
  4. Leave the property cleaner than we found it.
  5. Treat everyone the way we’d like to be treated.

It’s literally that simple. And we wonder at times if more contractors would adapt such a simple policy how much the industry’s reputation could improve. Just sayin…

Whether it’s a simple cabinet refacing (which we can often do in less than 48 hours) or a complete renovation of your entire kitchen, we offer an entirely new level of customization that doesn’t come from a catalog and the service to back it up.

We guarantee it.

Contact us today and let’s see what we can create together!