It’s fascinating to see what trends and what sticks around in kitchen design.

For example, how many people still have avocado green fridges and sinks in their home? There are undoubtedly people holding out thinking that will be the color in season again before too long. Which by the way, we can set you up with retro-styled appliances if that’s what you’re looking for. They’re actually pretty cool!

This is one particular advantage of a custom remodeled kitchen. You can create ANY kind of space you want, including avocado green fridges. We do recognize, though, that’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

That tangent aside, white kitchens have been trending and look to do so for quite some time to come. The clean look fits with most any decor you might add to your kitchen, which is much easier to change through changing seasons and time. They can also add to the resale value to your home, which is important for those of you that think you might be moving in the next few years.

Furthermore, if your cabinets are in good shape, you don’t necessarily have to tear out what’s already there. Refacing what you have can easily save at least 50 percent over complete cabinet replacements, not to mention the reduced time it takes for the remodel. Just imagine us being in and out of there in 48 hours. A bold claim, we realize, but we know how to get it done.