Limited Space Bathroom

Bathroom projects can be just as challenging as kitchen projects, particularly when it’s a smaller space available. For this particular homeowner the bathroom needed to be remodeled in order to accommodate a ceiling lift system to provide mobility access. These factors combined provided an extra and unique challenge that by definition required a custom solution.

The homeowner was initially concerned that we could even create this bathroom with the confined space we had to work with. The first thing we had to do was ensure the ceiling structure was strong enough to install the rail for the chair lift, which we were able to do with minimal reinforcements in the ceiling. Additionally, we were able to borrow some space from the closet of the adjacent bedroom without making too heavy an impact on the existing floor plan.

With those concerns out of the way, we next removed the existing bathtub and provide a new handicapped accessible solution. Should a designer or contractor ever suggest you need a new prefabricated shower unit, know that there is much one can do to customize solutions. In this case we used a mortar base and rubber membrane for waterproofing to maximum this otherwise limited space. It worked perfectly for to accommodate the mobility needs and also gave the chance to get creative with the tile, which we always enjoy.

We incorporated one collection of tile with similar tones and different sizes and accents to flow from the shower to the walls to the floor, creating a tied together feeling in one space. We have learned over the years we prefer a metal bullnose over tile for the corners for durability, strength, and appearance. They also reduce bumps and bruises, which in this bathroom was of exceptional importance. We chose a brushed bronze to again match the color theme of the bathroom.

The cabinetry was custom made to fit the space and make the best use of the small bathroom. You’ll note upon closer look we used inset doors for a flush surface. Most of the time this might seem a minor detail, but again considering the homeowner’s specific needs we wanted to remove as many snag points as we could in the confined space. It also helps create a clean and unique look. Among the other benefits of going with a completely custom solution, we were able to select honey locust to match the warm tones of the tile.

The original door swung into the bathroom, which created further complications for the needed mobility access. We were able to replace that with a pocket door, which helped with the clean look of the bathroom and allowed us the chance to create the open shelves where the door used to swing for which we again used the gorgeous honey locust.

While our designers are primarily focused on the remodeling portion of the project, they do pay attention to accessories that help match the tone and feel of the space we’re creating. In this particular case we found a wall sconce and candle holder that fit beautifully into the overall theme, as well as the mirror hanging over the vanity and curtains.

We greatly enjoyed the design challenges presented in this project and are even more pleased with how it all came together. The homeowner has exactly the feel to the space they were looking for and has the mobility access that was the primary concern.

There is almost always an answer to your needs no matter the project you are facing. Even more important is that the solution isn’t as complicated as you may think. We’ve learned a few things over our 31 years of experience and we’re ready to put it to work for you. Contact us today and see what our design team can do for you!