Time is flying here at Serenity Design. We are already into April! Seems like everyone is ready to get out of hibernation and started on their list of projects.

A question that often comes up with kitchens is whether to go with new cabinets or to reface the existing ones.

Although we love the challenge of perfectly designing and crafting the ideal family kitchen, sometimes kitchen cabinet refacing is a great choice.

Some common reasons to consider cabinet refacing are:

  • You are completely happy with the layout of your current kitchen and just want to improve what you have.
  • You have a few annoying areas or features you’d like to fix or update.
  • You want to change colors, finishes or wood types.
  • All the above.

For these and a handful of other reasons, refacing existing cabinets can be a pretty painless solution.

Take a look around your current situation. Are there broken, damaged or worn areas you don’t see anymore but visitors do see?

How about the sink? Sometimes changing something as simple as a new kitchen sink can completely improve the look and functionality of the space.

This is also the perfect time to update or upgrade hardware and fix mechanical issues. There are new innovations coming out all the time. Bookmark us if you like. We are currently putting together a section devoted to unique ideas and new offerings in the marketplace.

Other kitchen cabinet refacing ideas to consider:

  • Cabinet refacing vs painting?
  • Refacing cabinet doors with veneer?
  • Laminate cabinet refacing?
  • Cabinet refinishing vs refacing?
  • Even bathroom cabinet refacing.

There are a lot of options to consider, and everyone has their own priorities of what’s most important.

Refacing cabinet doors and countertops can be a great solution to improving what you already have in place.

Take another look at your space. Would removing a wall open everything up? Does the layout lend itself to an efficient workflow?

If you see bigger improvements are needed, then you may want to brainstorm with a professional to bring your dreams to life. Everyone’s needs and options are unique and there are no rules. Here’s to you finding the perfect solution!

New cabinets vs refacing, either direction, Jen loves helping people find their best options. Call her today at 320-774-1462 for a free in-home consultation.