Little Red Kitchen Remodel

Custom kitchens are the primary joy of all are remodeling work we do. It is always enjoyable to help bring a client’s vision to life. This particular project is part of an older home that was purchased by a younger couple that wanted a contemporary feel to this galley-style kitchen. it was definitely in need of some updating and better usage of the available space.

There were several factors to consider as we started into this project including the desire to relocate the stove, maximize cabinet space, and leave the existing wall at the far end of the kitchen. There is small room on the other side of the wall the couple wanted to continue using as a breakfast nook. Given these factors we completely gutted the kitchen and started over.

During the design phase the customers mentioned they were interested in having red highlights throughout the kitchen to match their red KitchenAid appliances. They didn’t want it to be overwhelming, but the red is such a strikingly rich color that we took it into account as we created their new kitchen and did use red for the breakfast nook.

The new layout for this kitchen included moving the stove to the longer countertop across from the fridge instead of being next to it. This new layout provides more effective usage of the available square footage, including shorter movements between the sink, stove, and fridge and therefore more efficient food preparation.

Among the changes we made, we turned the ventilation duct vertical from its original horizontal position, allowing for additional cabinetry above where the stove used to be. This is an  excellent demonstration that existing layout elements and concerns don’t have to automatically limit you as you consider your remodel.

The shallow wall at this end of the kitchen made the ideal location for a spice cabinet. This helps to  maximize the available space while also creating an interesting detail. A few knick-knack shelves above that provide for additional decorating.

The countertops are also a custom fit, cut to match the sink we mounted from underneath. Made from Avonite, we picked material with red flecks in it, matching the red countertop appliances, adding feel and contrast without being overbearing.

We picked the gray subway tile for the backsplash for additional character and an interesting break between the top and bottom cabinets. Under cabinet lighting all the way around helps highlight all the wonderful detail and provides  brightly lit surfaces for meal preparation.

The stainless steel hardware matched with the cream-colored cabinetry help highlight the contemporary feel the owners were looking for while also paying respect to some of the more classic elements around this kitchen, including several pull out cutting boards.

Not to be left out of the remodel, we updated the breakfast nook with a fresh paint job and a small cabinet in the corner for the coffee maker they enjoy so much first thing in the morning. The rich red paint enhances the coziness of this perfect space for two and matches wonderfully with the rest of the kitchen.

Overall this was a delightful project to be involved in. The homeowners had a wonderful vision for what this kitchen could be and we are comfortable suggesting the results speak for themselves. They have since told us they have created additional stained glass panes to hang in the window above the sink and change it according to the season. We are even considering creating a line of stained glass for just this purpose. We will be sure to announce it if we do.

Please contact Serenity Design Studios and see what we can do to help you bring your vision to life.  Remember that custom doesn’t come out of a catalog and our design team is ready to help you express yourself. We look forward to meeting  and working with you!

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