Custom Finishes

Custom Tables Too...Most of the time we get slabs from our vendors to help create our visions. Sometimes we get these gems and like to have fun in the shop.We created this table mostly for the fun of it, and it sure didn’t take long to find a new home!Just imagine a...

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To Reface or Not to Reface

To Reface or Not to Reface That is the question. As I delve into this commonly asked question my thoughts were suddenly drawn to the great words of Shakespeare in his soliloquy from Hamlet. When it comes to the heart of your home, your kitchen, and the cabinetry that...

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Avocado Fridges and White Kitchens

Avocado Fridges and White KitchensIt’s fascinating to see what trends and what sticks around in kitchen design.For example, how many people still have avocado green fridges and sinks in their home? There are undoubtedly people holding out thinking that will be the...

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Decorative Concrete

Decorative ConcreteConcrete isn’t just for sidewalks and driveways anymore. From plain finishes to polished to beautifully stained, concrete has been finding its way into custom builds as counters and sinks among other designs.For example, we installed this bathroom...

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Seems an odd topic to cover on a remodeler’s website, doesn’t it? Well hang on a minute.How many of us really understand the meaning of “reciprocity?” Or perhaps the expression “what goes around, comes around” sounds familiar. We could get the dictionary out, but...

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One of a Kind Materials

One of a Kind MaterialsWe love using live edge any chance we can! We have a fantastic relationship with our vendors and they often give us first pick of whatever they’ve brought in.More than once we’ve backed up the truck to theirs and don’t even bother with the...

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Custom Doesn’t Come Out of a Catalog

Custom Doesn't Come From a CatalogWe live in a world that constantly looks for an easier, faster solution. We find it in everything from fast food to the cars we drive to how we communicate and work.So much of it gets boiled down to the most basic systems and removes...

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Galley Kitchen Remodel

Galley Kitchen RemodelIt is truly a joy to work with so many homeowners and see all their different visions come to life. This complete remodel was no exception.The original galley style kitchen had an undersized and rarely-used breakfast nook under the corner window....

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New Cabinets Vs. Refacing

New Cabinets Vs RefacingTime is flying here at Serenity Design. We are already into April! Seems like everyone is ready to get out of hibernation and started on their list of projects.A question that often comes up with kitchens is whether to go with new cabinets or...

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We knew what we needed in our new kitchen, we...

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